At Heavyparts Hydraulics, we have designed and built our own unique test facility that meets all of the requirements to ensure customer satisfaction.

Using Webtec's latest C2000 data acquisition system, we can be confident that reconditioned units meet the required performance criteria.

Test results are stored in memory and can be printed to produce individual test certificates for each pump and motor repair.

Two Rolls-Royce Perkins engines provide the power to drive three separate test stands.

With a combined output of 500 BHP we are able to reproduce the harshest of working environments.

Multiple section pumps can be tested simultaneously, in open or closed loop configurations.

All types of controls can be accommodated, including proportional electronic, load sensing, horse power and pressure compensation.

To compliment our pump test rigs we have built a dedicated motor test rig that applies a variable torque to the motor shaft, allowing us to check and set, high and low speed operation.